Oneglia And Porto Maurizio

In Oneglia and in Porto Maurizio there are two grandiose buildings.


This church, built in the middle of the 18th century, was a demonstration of the great political and economic success of Oneglia. The construction allowed for the medieval structure of the ancient parish church and the pilgrims hospital, to be combined into one building. Even the area in front of the church was renovated, in order to create a larger space for social encounters. The site was on the edge of the road leading from the sea towards Piedmont. Built in 1742, it replaced the 14th century church which had been modified at the beginning of the 17th century. The design is attributed to the architect Gaetano Amoretti, from Oneglia. The Franco-Spanish war suspended building and the construction of the church lasted several years. It was consecrated in 1762, however the facade remained incomplete until 1838 when the stucco decors, attributed to Andrea Adami, were added. The vast impressive interior made up of three naves and a transept. The crossing has a dome topped with a polygonal lantern. The rhythm and movement is produced by the semicircular arches resting on pilasters. The chancel has a flat chevet and two side shorter side chapels. On each side aisle there are radiating chapels, one of which has a tabernacle dating from 1516, originating from the Gaggini workshop.


The Convent Santa Chiara in Porto Maurizio spectacularly stands out from the entire medieval quarter of the “Rocche”. A sea facing gallery, dating from the 18th century, offers a superb panorama. On arriving from the west side, this feature characterizes the view of the Imperia Porto Maurizio village. Nuns have occupied the site since the 14th century but it was only in the 15th century that the convent entered into the Franciscan order.

The convent was built on the outskirts of the main habitation, an area which was chosen for its isolated inaccessible setting. The Santa Chiara convent, one of the most important of the region, is linked to the ancient high wall by a gallery of arcades of which the only remnants are the dungeon. It is one of the most impressive works of Baroque Liguria. The project was designed in 1712 by Gregorio De Ferrari (1647-1726) and completed by Giacomo Filippo Marvaldi (1673-1747). The access to the building is by the Via Santa Chiara road, behind the loggias. The church was modified during the second half of the 18th century, as can be seen by the gracious curved windows and the small triangular campanile. In the nave there are several Baroque paintings: San Domenico Soriano, by Domenico Fiasella (1589- 1669), The clothing of Saint Chiara, the altar of The Virgin and Child, and Saint Catherine by Sebastiano Conca (1680-1764).

Best Practices For Guests Staying At A Luxury Hotel

Most people save money for years to go on that ultimate vacation. This usually means going overseas, on some exotic or well-known tourist destination and staying at a luxury hotel. On this type of holiday, you would usually have no qualms about splurging on yourself and your family so that everyone can enjoy and live, at least temporarily, a pampered, luxurious life.

But even if you will be spending a lot of money on this vacation, especially on your stay in a luxury hotel, it doesn’t mean that you have the liberty to do anything you want which includes being bad hotel guests. To make sure that you and everyone in your party can be considered by the hotel staff as great guests, below are some good practices every hotel guest should observe or follow:

Never lose your temper. Certain problems and issues can still arise, even if you stay at a choice luxury hotel. Checking in, for example, can sometimes take too long, especially during peak seasons. You may have to wait in line for a long time for your turn and as such, you may start getting impatient. However, this isn’t still a reason for you to lose your temper. The last thing you want is to get in a fight with the person at the front desk on your first day of stay at the hotel. And you don’t want the other guests to see your improper behavior as well. To avoid a frustrating situation like this, plan on arriving early, allowing for at least thirty extra minutes for check-in procedure. Bear in mind though that even if you plan your time really well, sometimes things just happen that cause unexpected delays. In such circumstances, always stay patient and calm.

Interact and connect with the employees. This doesn’t mean memorizing all the names of the hotel employees. However, if you can at least remember the names of the employees you encounter on a regular basis that are really making an extra effort to be nice to you, this will be greatly appreciated and even motivate the staff to be even nicer to you. Proper hotel etiquette dictates that you at least try to reciprocate a warm gesture, establish a real and genuine human connection with some of the staff.

Be respectful. Lastly, just because you are a paying customer doesn’t mean that you go around the hotel demanding special treatment and expecting to be respected at all times by the staff while you are being rude to them. Appropriate hotel etiquette states that respect goes both ways. As such, always show sincere and genuine respect for the staff, regardless of their position, and you will gain their respect in return. In addition, respect the hotel property as well. Be careful when using the appliances and other features and fixtures in the room.

Best Hotels to Stay in Lahore for Tourists

Best Tourist-Friendly Hotels in Lahore Pakistan

Since Lahore has successfully been attracting thousands of tourists each year from a very long time, the hotel business has been quite profitable in the city. From delicious food being served at Gawalmandi and Fort Food Streets to breathtaking beauty of Shalimar Gardens and Badshahi Mosque, Lahore is a great place to spend a few days at and explore things. However, it is very necessary to choose a good hotel from a variety of hotels in Lahore Pakistan.

You may find a number of hotels offering numerous facilities and well-furnished rooms at competitive prices but following are the best hotels in Lahore Pakistan to spend a few days in:

Liberty Hotel: A highly affordable accommodation choice, Liberty hotel is located in the heart of Liberty market, a very famous shopping place of Lahore. Apart from air conditioned rooms with attached bathroom, fridge and television, Liberty Hotel enjoys an ideal location from where guests can have easy access to best restaurants of Lahore at M M Alam Road. Liberty Hotel is also close to Allama Iqbal International airport and Daewoo bus stop.

Marco Polo Hotel: Located near Lahore Railway Station and downtown, Marco Polo Hotel is a great option for travelers who wish to explore Old Lahore. With so many things available in Old Lahore, you will find it convenient to stay at Marco Polo Hotel which offers clean rooms fitted with air conditioners and attached bathroom. Television is also available and the hotel is satisfactorily secured by guards. Complimentary breakfast is served and dining options are available onsite.

Faletti’s: One of the oldest hotels in Lahore Pakistan, Faletti’s was constructed in 1880 during British Colonialism. Despite being an ancient property, it is a beautiful place to live in due to a recent process of renovation that took place. There is a huge variety of rooms to choose from depending upon your requirements and budget. Although accommodation at Faletti’s may cost a lot, the experience will be worth your money. A hall is available inside the hotel that can accommodate approximately 1800 people. Faletti’s is at a close distance to Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque and Food Street.

Hotel One Mall: Hotel One is a beautiful living option at Mall Road for business and leisure travelers and is easily accessible from Lahore airport, motorway, shopping areas and tourist attractions. With a minibar, kettle, coffeemaker and flat-screen satellite television, the air conditioned rooms of Hotel One Mall will provide you with an amazingly comfortable living experience. You can also visit Lahore Museum located at a distance of just 4 kilometers.

Royal Legacy: At an ideal location of Anand Road at Upper Mall, Royal legacy offers excellent rooms with attached bath, air conditioner, Wi-Fi, LCD television and telephone. There is the facility of fine dining at an onsite restaurant where delicious food is served. With armed guards, the security of Royal Legacy is reliable. The laundry and ironing needs are fulfilled by the efficient staff available. So these five are the best hotels in Lahore Pakistan that can fulfill all your accommodation requirements.